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Media Center Update expected Friday

Kevin C. Tofel

In a move that might be positioning for the XBox 360 roll out next month, Microsoft is expected to announce Update Rollup 2 this Friday for Media Center Edition 2005. UR2 isn't just a license plate response to "URG8T", it's a service-release to add capabilities in the on-line content area as well as provide additional HDTV support.

UR2 is expected to provide support for 200-disc DVD changers as well as a second HDTV tuner card. Watch for content provider announcements to coincide with UR2: some names in the mix include Akimbo, America Online and MTV.  An Akimbo announcement seems highly likely as they currently offer VOD programming via Internet. AOL and MTV could be jumping on board as strategic content providers, although MTV is more likely to provide something in high-def res since they recently announced an HD channel.

Let's make you CEO for a day: If you could pick a content provider to partner with Microsoft's Media Center, who would it be?


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