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Apple wants 10% of iPod accessory revenue

Steve Jobs RDF

Steve Jobs is moving one step closer to religious entity with the new requirement by Apple for a tithe of all revenues from manufacturing iPod port-pluggable accessories. Currently the license fee sits between 1 and 2%, and the bump to 10% might see some accessory makers closing down their iPod lines. Obviously Apple is in the money making business, but one of the (many) reasons for the success of the iPod are the multitudes of licensed accessories, a dearth of which might eventually damage the bottom line, so they best be watching the backlash. Our guess is we'll see a good bit of grumbling but few changes, and peeps will all keep on buying the freaking thing and tattooing the Apple logo on our butts. The money quote in all this goes to a Bose executive who's pining for Microsoft to barge in and set up the "standard" for MP3 player connections. Oh yeah — that'll be the day.

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