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Best Buy to offer Clearwire wireless broadband

Evan Blass
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Best Buy, in an effort to provide customers with immediate Internet access once they arrive home with their new computers, will soon become one of the first retailers to offer pre-WiMax service in certain locations. The company has teamed up with Craig McCaw's Clearwire (clear wire = no wire, get it?) to provide this nascent wireless broadband technology in what is being promoted as a true plug-and-play configuration. Customers will lease a wireless modem which need only be plugged into a computer and power outlet to begin usage: no software required. The rollout will begin October 30th at 25 Best Buy stores (mostly along the West Coast, Texas, and Florida, although currently no major metropolitan areas are covered), to be expanded as Clearwire enters new markets, and will cost between $25 and $40.

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