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The ugliest HDTVs ever made

Matt Burns

I have seen a lot of bad looking TVs in my life, but this one is the worst by a mile. It is bad. I am telling you that it will shock and horrify you, but at the same time make you giggle that someone would make something like this. Keep in mind that this TV is real and is from a great Korean manufacture that is know for the quality of their screens. I sure hope that they are not starting a trend that will work its way over the Pacific. The TV is nasty looking but it does have a full range of modern features like HDMI, digital tuner, firewire, and it even has an FM tuner.

Ok, you ready to see this. Make sure you have a trashcan next to you. Just to be safe.

[pictures after the link]


Its just kind of funny isn't? What do you think? Would you buy one?

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