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ARMadillo portable Braille reader and VR device


Peep this way sweet device named the ARMadillo that goes on your arm and gives tactile feedback to let you do stuff like interact with virtual instruments or read Braille. You just strap the thing to your wrist and it tracks your movement via 9 sensors, then relative to how you're moving in your environment you get buzzed by some of the vibrating motors up and down your forearm. The Braille is translated via those same motors, so it takes a bit to get used to (we might have to learn Braille first) but you can "read" while you're on the go because you don't have to hold steady and feel anything with your fingertips. Bluetooth is included so this should be perfect for reading text messages, and you can even add on to the system via CompactFlash. It's pretty early in development right now, but we can see tying this thing in with GPS and some location tracking services so you can feel your way down the street and whup up on all your buddies Daredevil style.

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