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Cingular sticks UMTS in 18 markets this year

Ryan Block, @ryan

Boston Cingular 3G coverage

Well, for those wondering whether or not Cingular's long in coming 3G network was actually going to make it out the door this year, we've got some good news. Some internal coverage docs and maps've leaked (if you call them getting posted on their website "leaked") that demonstrate UMTS coverage in 18 markets, with more on the way. They don't specifically differentiate between UMTS and HSDPA zones, but residents of Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Baltimore, Boston, Washington, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, SLC, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and Tacoma can expect a November 1st launch of a network providing at least "average download data speeds of 220-320 kbps." Better click through quick to see coverage in your market before Cingular takes their page offline.

[Via HoFo, thanks Vic]

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