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iRiver U10 hands-on

Peter Rojas
iRiver U10

There's one thing that Ryan and I discovered at last night's DigitalFocus press event: that the iRiver U10 is freaking hard to properly photograph. There was something about the mini media player's glossy screen that defied our every attempt to snap a decent pic, but we managed to nail a couple that should give you a good sense of just how small it really is. The 2.2-inch LCD screen is definitely more like what you'd find on a cellphone, but the UI is totally slick and the U10's "D-Click" navigation system (which actually hides the buttons behind the edge of the screen) works way better than we'd imagined it would. Anyway, iRiver's rep told us that the U10 should ship next month, confirming that the 512MB will go for $199 and the 1GB version will sell for $249. Seems a bit steep, especially in light of, uh, recent events, but whatevs.

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