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Spielberg to design 3 new games for EA

Vladimir Cole

Spielberg envisions making a game THIS BIGElectronic Arts will be paying Steven Spielberg to "shape the concept, story and visual appearance" of three brand-spanking-new games, according to this morning's Wall Street Journal. There's no mention of what game ideas might already be twirling around in Spielberg's noggin, but the games are probably still a couple years away at this point.

We're hopeful that this combination of the world's biggest director and the world's biggest game publisher will mean three amazing new titles with epic scope and the emotional appeal of some of Spielberg's better efforts. Could this sort of relationship herald the beginnings of a new bifurcation in the games industry? Spielberg's name on a game will help EA market the title and will perhaps decrease mainstream player appetites for titles without the name of a top-tier director on the box.

To put it another way, are today's top games designers about to be shoved to the bargain bin in favor of games designed by carpetbaggers from Hollywood?

[Thanks, Brandon.]

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