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Weekly Wrap Up : October 10-16, 2005

David Touve

The calm before the storm.  That's what mid-October feels like.  We found out that males in their early twenties spend their time playing games, as if we didn't know that (even in our late 30's).  Hollywood is getting hip to the PSP, which was inevitable.  Sony took a page from the Apple textbook and has begun updating firmware for the PSP synced to what appears to be the phases of the moon. 

A big highlight of the week came when one of the Joystiq crew (Wiley) gave us an up close and personal review of pile of upcoming games on the Xbox 360.  And really... that's what October is about.  A month of calm before the launch of the Xbox 360, and the frenzy it will stir among the consoles.  I hate to be so straight forward about it, but really, its what we are all thinking.

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