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Is that the Xbox 360's A/C adapter?


Xbox 360 power adapter

We weren't able to verify this at the Xbox 360 event last week (cords & plugs were neatly concealed for aesthetic purposes), but rumors continue to pile up that the Xbox 360's power adapter is, well, what you see above. Of course, most (if not all) of the Xbox 360s that are out in the wild (and show up in these photos), are actually dev kits and don't reflect what the consumer is going to unwrap out of the retail box. We do know that Microsoft has cut down on the console's weight problem by externalizing the A/C adapter, but dag, you could so some serious damage with that thing!

More evidence:


  • Opposable Thumbs (last line: "he did note that the power supply is external to the device, and apparently quite large")

  • (see user comments… "Our testing unit has a much smaller power supply. So I think the shipping model will be even smaller.")

[Thanks, Anand]

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