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Verizon goes national with Verizon One info appliance

Marc Perton

verizon oneIf you've been waiting for your chance to get your hands on the Verizon One DSL modem, WiFi router/cordless phone/information appliance, now's your chance. The company has finally launched the national rollout of the product, which was originally announced back in January. We still don't think hordes of customers are going to be beating down the doors at Verizon HQ to get their hands on this, but at least the price is relatively reasonable: $150 with a one-year commitment to a Verizon DSL plan. That doesn't seem too bad for a cordless phone with a touchscreen display that also doubles as a DSL modem and router — though we still want to see how easy it is to hack this so you can use it with other service providers once that DSL contract is up.

[Thanks, Dave]

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