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SDTV? Bleh. EDTV? Whatever. HDTV? Old News. DDD releases 3DTV set-top box


DDD group today announced the release of their Vision+ set top box, which they claim can take video from most consumer video formats and converts them to 3D in conjunction with a 3D screen. To that end they have been working with Arisawa Manufacturing develop screens capable of displaying the images. They don't have a flat screen TV partner to build the displays for mass market distribution yet, but maybe we've found a use for all those surplus LCD's we can expect next year.

3d glasses will be required to view the resulting image, and they don't mention exactly what resolution we can expect the screens to run. Other solutions in development don't require special glasses, but do require imagination because they don't exist yet. Do you think 2006 will be the year for 3DTV?
Check for the full press release after the jump.

I just want to know if this means I can buy Captain EO on DVD now.

 Oct 18, 2005 02:00

DDD Launches 3D TV Set Top Conversion Box
SANTA MONICA, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Oct. 18, 2005 DDD Group plc (LSE:DDD), the 3D software and content company, today announces the introduction of the TriDef(R) Vision+ 3D set top box ('Vision+'). Vision+ automatically converts most popular consumer video formats to 3D as they are watched, allowing any broadcast, DVD and videocassette content to be presented in 3D on the latest 3D displays and projection systems.

The delivery of the Vision+ set top box represents the final milestone in a GBP 140,000 development agreement with Arisawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ('Arisawa'), announced in late 2004. By combining the real time 3D conversion capabilities of the Vision+ with the large 30" 3D LCD displays developed by Arisawa's optoelectronics division, Arisawa and DDD have delivered an efficient and effective solution for mass-market 3D television.

Using Arisawa's innovative 3D optics, the flat screen 3D televisions are capable of displaying conventional 2D pictures as well as 3D. When the viewer decides to watch in 3D, they simply activate the Vision+ set top box using their remote control and put on a pair of 3D glasses. The system then delivers 3D images from any viewing position in the living room with the same clarity and quality as the latest 3D digital cinemas.

In addition to the real time conversion feature, the Vision+ also supports the playback of specially made 3D movies. This yields an important in-home distribution channel for the latest generation of Hollywood 3D movies that are in production for the new 3D digital cinemas that are presently being opened around the United States.

The Vision+ is compatible with DVD, video and broadcast standards used in the United States, Japan and Europe. Vision+ also supports twin projectors allowing it to be used in trade show and professional/educational venues where big screen 3D is required for large audiences.

Both Arisawa and DDD are now actively engaged in presentations and discussions with leading flat screen display manufacturers with the goal of licensing the combined solution for mass-market 3D television.

"Vision+ represents another substantial achievement for our company," said Chris Yewdall, Chief Executive of DDD. "DDD's real time 3D conversion solutions have been instrumental in our recent agreements for PC and mobile telephone solutions while Vision+ now allows us to expand the 3D viewing experience into more popular consumer products including 3D flat screen television. We are very pleased with the visual quality that we have achieved in conjunction with Arisawa and we are now jointly focused on securing mass market licensees for our combined solution."

"We are excited by the recent reaction to the combined Arisawa/DDD 3D television solution," said Dr. Sanji Arisawa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Arisawa. "We are seeing increasing interest in consumer 3D television and we expect that this easy to use solution will demonstrate that the television market is now within reach for our prospective licensees."

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