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Getting my hands on the new iPod


So, today during my lunch hour (and a half), I darted down to the Soho Apple Store, after calling and hearing that they had the new 60GB iPod in black and that they were first come first serve. I had already called the Westchester Apple Store who said they had enough of the 60GB in white to last for several days, but no black iPods in stock. I wanted a black one for the added contrast while watching video, so I shot down to the Soho store as soon as they said they had them, and I'm glad I did. By the looks of their stack, I'd say there are only about 20-25 left of the black 60GB there. They were out of the whites in the 60GB, but they had both in the 30GB size. They must've sent all the black 60GBs down to Soho and all the white ones up to Westchester. If you're in the NYC area go get 'em! Right now, the new bad boy is plugged into my PowerBook receiving its complete Lost transfusion, but in the meantime I took a few pictures of the first fresh out of the box experience for you to look over. I'll post more updates later with an in-depth review. Also, you should know, I've already scratched the back of the brand new iPod. :-D

PS-None of the movies I converted the other day will copy over.

UPDATE: Here's a 3GP video I took with my Treo 650 showing a few seconds of the first episode from this season's Lost playing on the iPod. Don't be fooled. The poor quality here is from the Treo's paltry recording capabilities, not the iPod. That screen is crisp and clear.


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