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Iomega's Screenplay Multimedia Drive

Iomega Screenplay

Yeah, Iomega sure has a long and storied history (anyone remember Clik! disks? Us neither.) It's been 25 years of good times and yet they press on. Now they're introducing their new 60GB ScreenPlay that plugs into your TV to playback MP3s, pictures, and videos of all sorts (Mpeg 1, 2, and 4 — including DiVX). It works just like one of those handy-dandy portable hard drives via USB 2.0, so you can put a bunch of lame old Excel files on it if you want — no one is going to stop you. There's no support for WMA or WMV, and we'd really love something like this to do HD, but we're a bunch of complainers anyways. For $219 these good times can be yours.

[Via PC World]

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