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Metareview: Shadow of the Colossus


There's no doubt that Shadow of Colossus is a unique title. And we're predicting that the spiritual successor to ICO is going to top a lot of lists for 2005. But the same features that make it great also make it inaccessible. Sony can afford to take a risk, developing a game that entices our emotions, plays on our sense of loneliness, and appeals to the notion that there is space much grander than on our individual existences. That said, anyone within striking distance of a PS2 should give Shadow a look. We're not promising you'll love it, but it's simply too important to ignore.

A glimpse of the critics' takes:

  • IGN (97/100): "[An] absolute must-play experience… one of the most important games you'll come across anytime soon. Shadow is a true work of art, the likes of which we've only seen approached by a very, very small number of games."

  • Game Informer (88/100): "A truly unique experience that inspires emotions in a way few games can. It has its share of problems, but I love it just the same."

  • OPM (90/100): "If you can appreciate artistry in games, if you hanker for an experience that transcends genre, if you want to see what happens when a creative design team is allowed to ignore sales numbers and flavor-of-the-month trends, by all means bring yourself into Shadow's world."

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