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Genesis Microchip shows off the next generation of image processing


You may not know the name, but Genesis Microchip already puts the hardware into LCD and PDP screens by manufacturers like LG and Fujitsu. Now they're taking image enhancement to the next level with their FLI8668 "Cortez Advanced" TV controller. Supporting 1080p and WUXGA displays (up to 1900x1200), the chipset also includes two channels of Faroudja's next generation image sharpening technology, for PIP. The biggest advance to me however is the inclusion of 10-bit processing from input to output.

Just like the ATI interview we posted about earlier, true 10-bit color is an important advance for flat panel displays. Most displays today are only 6 or 8 bit color. With 64 times the amount of available colors, maybe even Tomonobu Itagaki will get on the FPD bandwagon.

These chips will find their way into PDP, LCD and DLP TV's.


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