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Nintendo to offer DS wireless at McDonald's

Ryan Block, @ryan
McDonald's DS

We don't mean to get up on a soapbox here or anything, but the same DS WiFi network Nintendo's setting up in Japan in more benign spots like video game shops is still scheduled to hit America (as expected), but will land in a slightly more inauspicious venue: McDonald's. There are a lot of ways to roll out wireless access, but did Nintendo really have to go the one route that not only plays into the fat-gamer-nerd stereotype, but actually actively encourages unhealthy diets in America's youth? Gamers will supposedly be able to compete via WiFi in one of MickeyDee's 6,000 hotspot restaurants; we're as yet unsure of whether there'll be other future wireless venues for the DS, but let's hope there will be by giving them a resounding lack of support on this one.

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