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PCI HDTV tuner for your non-MCE PC

Kevin C. Tofel

Don't have a Windows Media Center Edition PC, but want to use your computer as a PVR? There are plenty of options to do this and ADS Tech just added another one; with HDTV support no less! $129 list gets you a PCI-based HDTV tuner for your Windows XP machine. Bundled with the tuner card is SnapStream's Beyond TV which provides an electronic program guide (EPG) and hard-drive recording capabilities.

Once you pop this card in a free PCI slot and install the drivers, you just add an antenna for any free over-the-air (OTA) HDTV signals. You can also tune in and record analog television and cable, but not encrypted or digital cable. NeroVision Express software is also included which provides you the ability to move your television content from the hard-drive to a DVD if you've got a burner. The remote control is a nice touch too!

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