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The new higher-res 15 and 17-inch PowerBooks

Ryan Block, @ryan

New PowerBooks

Apple announced two spec bumps to their G4 PowerBooks at the PhotoPlus Expo 2005 today. Expect the new machines to have higher resolution displays; the 15-inch will hit 1440 x 960 (up from 1280 x 854), and the 17-inch will bound all the way up to 1680 x 1050 (up from 1440 x 900). Both laptops' displays will actually have 46% increased brightness, while supposedly managing a 22% increase in battery life. They'll also feature standard SuperDrives, built-in Cinema HD support, and are available now with a new pricing scheme: the 12-inch will go for $1,499, the 15-inch for $1,999, and the 17-inch for $2,499. Increments of $500 bones—easy enough, eh?

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