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The Peltier Beer personal beverage cooler

Evan Blass

Once in a while a homemade device comes along that is so darn handy that it's destined for mass market distribution. The Peltier Beer personal beverage cooler is one such device. Basically a drink holder attached to a cooling plate, a thermometer, and some batteries, this contraption cradles a pint glass and keeps your refreshment of choice chilly even in the hot sun. For now you'll still have to build your own (unless someone knows of a commercial product that does this), though luckily Per Oyvind Arnesen takes you through the build step-by-step if you follow the link. We're excited about this product, but we'll wait around for one that is USB-powered, you know, just cause so we get bragging rights while we drink at work.

[Via Cnet]

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