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#1 Phone concept: fuel-cell powered, full-body LCD

Marc Perton

#1 concept phoneCellphones seem to be among the most popular products for industrial designers to play around with, which we find both exciting and frustrating. Exciting, because they really do come up with some creative ideas that usually have at least some basis in current technology; frustrating, because so many of the frackin' things will never, ever be made. The latest never-to-be-produced concept phone is Roman Kriheli's #1 Phone (also referred to as the Nano Phone; we can't imagine what might have caused Kriheli to drop Nano from its name). The entire surface of the diminutive phone is an LCD display, which, of course, means it can change its function, from keypad to caller ID screen to playlist, at any time. And since this is a concept phone, why not get totally crazy: it includes an induction-charged battery. Just put the phone down on a special pad, and it'll suck up the juice. Ah, it's great to have an imagination.


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