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Kodak announces 39 megapixel CCD

Marc Perton

kodak ccdKodak may have thrown in the towel in the DSLR market, but that doesn't mean the company has completely abandoned the high-end photo market. In fact, according to the company, it's gone to the absolute highest end, with two new CCDs that are among the largest available commercially. The KAF-31600 boasts 31.6 megapixels, and the KAF-39000 has 39 megapixels. The CCDs are targeted at pros, and will be incorporated into digital backs for medium-format cameras. One early customer is Phase One A/S, which plans to use the CCDs in its previously announced P30 and P45 backs. How much will 39 megapixels run you? No pricing is out yet, but Phase One's current top model, the 22 megapixel P25, goes for about $30,000. That puts it at over $1,300 per megapixel, so don't be surprised to see the P45 going for as much as $50K.

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