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Sony's NAS-M7HD NetJuke

Liam McNulty
NAS-M7HD NetJuke Sony

A new NetJuke minicomponent system from Sony is on the horizon, called the "NAS-M7HD." It features an integrated 40GB hard drive, but of greater interest would be the 4.3-inch color LCD on the face. Using this screen, you'll be able to search through tracks, get information about songs currently playing on FM radio, and purchase CDs. You can also use it for transferring songs to a portable audio player; the PSP and other modern Sony Network Walkman products are supported thanks to the device's integrated USB port and Memory Stick Duo slot. But for some reason, you can't transfer ATRAC3 files to a Memory Stick PRO Duo. Playback of ATRAC3, ATRAC3plus, and MP3 files are supported from the hard drive, from a USB device, via the Ethernet connection, and a few combinations in between. Sony also points out that this is the world's first minicomponent system with both a hard drive and a MiniDisc slot, also making it the first such device that can transfer files from hard drive to MiniDisc without use of a PC.

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