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Sprint's new Sanyo MM-7500 EV-DO handset

Ryan Block, @ryan

Sanyo MM-7500

We all knew Sprint's first round of EV-DO phones were coming; the PPC-6700 is only the first in a long line of 3G-enabled devices they're destined to get, and they'll be due very shortly for some more consumer friendly devices. Thankfully we need wait no longer for the scoop on Sprint's fall EV-DO lineup as an anonymous tipster hit us with a bunch of details on forthcoming devices, like the MM-7500, which will have a 176 x 220 260k color display, Sprint TV support, a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, and hey, the thing'll even come with a USB cable to let you use it as an EV-DO modem. And did we mention the "embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) chip" it's supposed to have like it's little brother, the MM-7400? Cha ching! It'll supposedly debut at $379.99.

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