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Give Mac OS X a unified UI with Uno


A few weeks ago we asked how you felt about some of the inconsistencies in Mac OS Xs user interface. Responses were mixed. Lach said, "This stuff drives me nuts. Even Quicktime and iTunes look different from each other. iPhoto is a disaster, you didn't mention that little app. iSync is a mess, and they're all different from Safari and Mail. At least in Windows the design is CONSISTANTLY crappy." But Lach wasn't alone. Continued after the jump.

Others were less concerned with the whole thing. Reader djones, for instance, felt differently: "I don't think it would be good to be 100% consistent across the need some sort of visual indication of which application you're in. It doesn't need to scream it, but the subtle variations in Apple's first party apps are enough to tell you that they're a family, but you won't mistake one for the other."

I recalled this discussion earlier this afternoon when I saw a link to Uno at What Do I Know. Uno is a theme for Mac OS X that gives every single, solitary window and menu bar the exact same look (even the Dock's widget bar). Lach, this one is for you. djones, steer clear. Everyone else, make your choice. UNO is free (I could not find system requirements).

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