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Where's the Remote?

Ryan Block, @ryan
Where's the Remote?

You know what we really want? A device that helps us find our stray remotes. But what would be really great would be if this device only kept track of one remote, and what the hell, while we're fantasizing here, what if this dream device didn't actually help you find it when it got lost, but instead just constantly reminded you to return the remote when you're done? It could say asinine stuff like, "Put it back!" and, of course, "Where's the remote?" Oh, they have all that in a device called Where's the Remote?! Fantastic! But we imagine hanging on to the remote might then become a little distracting while watching a movie, so after you turn it off all you have to do is remember to turn the Where's the Remote back on to help you to remember to return the remote before you can't remember where you put it. Makes perfect sense, really.

P.S. -Their press release is a cut up for sure. [Warning: PDF link!]

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