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Destroy All Humans! gets its own TV show

Ross Miller

Destroy All Humans box art (225)Destroy All Humans!, despite its comical premise and ad campaign, met with only tepid reviews. The game was not bad by any means, but did falter with a few technical issues. Still, the idea of the game was hilarious, and so it seems like a perfect match for a cartoon on Fox TV. Former King of the Hill writer/co-executive producer Jim Dauterive will helm the project, which will do its best to retain its campy vibe for a half-hour CGI cartoon that will likely come on right after American Dad (or maybe the oft-rumored Futurama return).

How do you think a Destroy All Humans! TV series might work out? Could this turn into a cult hit or just a mess of a good idea?

[via GameGossip]

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