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Mr. Soccer Robot Football brings RoboCup action to your basement

Evan Blass

mr soccer robot football

Despite the fact that their skills may pale in comparison to such legends of the game as RoboVie-V, Manus-I, or The Visi'ON, the Mr. Soccer football robots are the only soccerbots that you can have shipped to your house for sixty bucks. UK site Firebox is selling what we believe could be the Cabbage Patch Kid of Christmas '05, Mr. Soccer Robot Football, a long-overdue home version of the popular RoboCup series of bot challenges (minus the AI). Up to fourteen remote-controlled, egg shaped bots can scurry around the enclosed pitch doing that thing that soccerbots do, although with so many players on the field at once, we can't imagine that it's much more fun than Electronic Shakin' Football. Only two bots come with the package (extra teammates sold separately), and users can customize their team with different stickers (although the teams sport English and Brazillian jerseys), and even change their tiny shoes to alter maneuverability. Now all we need to do is hook up one of our foosball robots to Mr. Soccer, and we can just sit back like regular sports fans and do no work at all.

[Via vnunet]

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