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Sprint's Samsung SPH-A940 and Sanyo MM-9000 now live

Ryan Block, @ryan
Sprint phones

Engadget readers, feign your best looks of surprise: Sprint's officially announced their Samsung SPH-A940 and Sanyo MM-9000 phones that we had the scoops on this weekend. Ok, look a little surprised, the A940 doesn't look the same as we'd previously seen (we're not even sure it's a swivel anymore, we presume it still is though due to the camera in the hinge barrel), but we were well-warned it was undergoing some reshaping. But otherwise it looks like the two device were more or less the same as expected, and the prices have stuck—you can pick up the A940 for $250 online (presumably with contract), and the Sanyo for $229 the same. Oh, no word on that Sanyo MM-7500 as yet, but we have a feeling it's not far out now.

[Thanks, Tuolumne]

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