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W33SA, W32T, A5515K handsets for au

Liam McNulty

au w33sa w32t a5515k

To go with their announcement of the Hello Messenger and EZ TV Single Segment, au introduces three new handsets: Sanyo's W33SA, Toshiba's W32T, and Kyocera's A5515K. All three handsets are compatible with Hello Messenger, but the W33SA is the only one compatible with EZ TV Single Segment; this means it packs an FM tuner, an analog TV tuner, and a digital TV tuner. In fact, it can even record 20 minutes of digital TV broadcasts or 40 minutes of analog. The W32T features a "PC Site Viewer," an enhanced browser, a 2.36MP camera, and Bluetooth compatibility. It also supports EXIF Print and Print Image Matching III, ensuring that prints you make directly from the phone will appear close to their digital counterparts. Finally, The A5515K brings the camera resolution up to 3.23MP and adds autofocus. Kyocera also threw in a Mobile ASV display. It's worth pointing out that this is a dual-band handset, supporting both 800MHz and 2GHz bands.

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