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Ask Engadget: High quality compact digital camera?

Peter Rojas
Ask Engadget

This week's Ask Engadget question comes to us courtesy of our own Dave Zatz (yeah, one of the very minor fringe benefits of working here is that you get to ask an Ask Engadget question), who wants some suggestions for a new compact camera:

I understand I should lug around a large camera and learn things about shutter speed and ISO for the best digital pictures… But it ain't going to happen. My small point-and-shoot Dimage Xg has served me well taking outdoor pictures on sunny days, but it struggles indoors and on overcast days, so I'm seeking to draw on the collective wisdom of the Engadget readership. Please point me towards a compact camera that'll produce excellent image quality under a variety of lighting situations. Oh, and without me having to learn anything.

A tall order, but we're sure y'all have some advice for our newest contributor.

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