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Swiss Army Prestige and s.beat USB key knives

Evan Blass

swiss army prestige

Swissbit and Victorinox have announced plans to expand their stable of combination Swiss Army weapons/USB keys. The next model to be released is being called the "s.beat" (not to be confused with Swizz Beatz of the Ruff Ryders), a hybrid knife that adds MP3, WMA, and OGG playback into the mix. The MP3 component of the knife is removable (lesson learned from the first-gen not-approved-for-flight model), sports a three-line display and wired remote, and will come in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB flavors. Also due from Swissbit is the Swissmemory Prestige lineup, gold, silver, and diamond plated knives with USB attachments that can be upgraded as storage needs warrant. The 1GB and 2GB will be released on November 15th, for $278 and $419, repectively, while the 4GB version will drop for an unknown price in Spring 2006. Stepping up the price ladder considerably are the Prestige models, which start at $1750, and you can bet that's not for the iced-out edition. More pics after the break…

swiss army s.beat
swiss army s.beat remote

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