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Tool for Armchair Activists remote protesting system

Evan Blass
tool for armchair activists

So you don't think that posting your thoughts to a public SMS sign is enough of an attention-getter? How about trying the "Tool for Armchair Activists," a combination cellphone, voice synthesizer, and bullhorn that converts incoming text messages into (loudly) spoken public discourse. The system's designer, UK-based Troika, claims that it "allows the armchair activist to shout out its [sic] rants and protests in the comfort of his living room." We used to think that a big part of protesting was actually taking the time and energy to show up somewhere for your beliefs, but now we know that you're just as dedicated to the cause by shouting robotic-sounding epithets at The First Family from a glorified P.A. system attached to the White House security gate. What do you think, muckrakers, is this a protesting innovation or a lazy man's crutch?

[Via textually]

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