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60-inch SXRD set at 50-inch price

Kevin C. Tofel

Normally, I don't post much about deals on HDTVs, simply because we're not a shopping service. I would consider myself a smart shopper and I love to help spend other people's money with recommendations, but I typically keep that separate from the blog. I'm crossing that line today and I hope you'll forgive me. I think you will because this is a great deal if you're lusting for an SXRD set from Sony.

I've read the two reviews we've had here on the 50-inch SXRD and the set sounded fantastic. I actually got a first-hand look at the 60-incher at my local Tweeters earlier this week. The set does NOT disappoint and it lives up to the billing that Matt and Thom gave it in the 50-inch footprint. So, what's the deal? Well, at Tweeters, the 50-incher went for $3,999 and the 60-incher was $4,999.

I just checked tomorrow's ad circulars in my local paper (why can't I get my ads via RSS?) and Best Buy is offering both sets at the same price. I almost overlooked my Circuit City flyer because it was tucked into another section of the paper, but I am SO glad I found it. Starting tomorrow, Circuit City will offer the 60-inch set for the 50-inch price listed at Tweeters and Best Buy.

You read that right: starting tomorrow, CircuitCity will offer the KDSR60XBR1, the 60-inch SXRD from Sony for $3,999! Add to that a no interest financing deal until 2008 and you've got yourself a sweet set for a grand less; it's a 60-inch set at a 50-inch price. Hmm...maybe I won't renew the warranty on that 4-year old HDTV after all!

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