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Diablo III Shmiablo III

Vladimir Cole

Lamborghini Diablo explosionBlizzcon is now over. Diablo III made no appearance. We still expect Blizzard to release information about the latest version of their best-selling Diablo franchise at some point in the future, but fans who were hoping for it this weekend have been disappointed.

Way back in February we noted that Blizzard had likely begun work on Diablo III when we learned that the company was looking for a "lead game designer" who could "help lead the team that designed Diablo and Diablo II" and who also had experience working on RPG titles. We still believe that speculation is reasonable, but at least we now know that the following rumor is incorrect:

"Diablo 3 takes place in heaven. Hell is trying to take it over and it is AWESOME looking … Imagine the brightness of heaven being taken over by the darkness of hell … Imagine WoW but in a Diablo world in amount of size and playability … Also, guild housing is available in this game for those of you who know about it. They should have a gameplay demo to show at BlizzCon."

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