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Alienware updates Area-51 laptop line with size and price cuts


Alienware Area-51

Well Alienware is throwing down some new widescreen Area-51 laptops, and it looks like these might not cause the same sticker shock — or hernias — as some other Alienware "desktop replacement" types might have done. We're not talking ultra light here, the 15.4-inch m5500 weighs in at 6 pounds, and though the starting prices are low ($1399 for 17-inch glory and $1049 for 15.4-inch portability) the bare bone configurations available at that price pretty much define the term. Luckily this is Alienware, and they're not going to let you get away without offering you the goods, including up to 2.13GHz Intel 770 Pentium M processors, dual SATA hard drive Raid 0 Raid 1 support on the 17-inchers, and an option for WUXGA 1920 x 1200 LCD displays on both models. Graphics choices range from Intel Extreme Graphics 3 up to NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Go with 256MB of memory, so there should be an option in there for the gamers, along with the spreadsheet lovers, among us. These lapsters are available for pre-order now, and should be shipping this December.

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