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Samsung reveals upcoming E360, E770, and D800/820 phones

Evan Blass

samsung e770

More cellphone goodness: mobile-review has a ton of pics and some loosely translated specs of several unannounced Samsung models. First we have the E360, a flip musicphone with only 80MB internal memory and no expansion slot—will people be willing to pay $250 for this? The E360 also throws down dual screens, Bluetooth, and a VGA camera. Next up is a higher-end musicphone, the E770 (pictured), another flip model that rocks dual screens, but this one includes memory card support and a 1.3 megapixel camera, along with front-panel and voice-powered music controls. Finally, we have the E800 and E820, a pair of sliders differentiated by the latter's microSD slot (which adds $50 to the former's estimated $450 price tag). Both models include a 1.3 megapixel cam, MP3 playback, Office and PDF document viewers, and a 262,000 color QVGA screen. No word yet on supported carriers or release dates for these upcoming models.

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