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Give the Feds your opinion on the DMCA

Kevin C. Tofel

Get this: the government is asking for your opinion and you don't even have to pay extra taxes to be heard! It's true; starting today, you can voice your opinion on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Before you jump to the link and start throwing terms like "rip", "De-CSS" and "BitTorrent" around, let's just step away from the keyboard for a second. That's it tiger...put...the keyboard...down. Good. We don't want any itchy trigger fingers here.

Now that we've disarmed you, let's think this through. This review of opinion is required every three years per the DMCA, so the U.S. Copyright Office has to open the door. We didn't want you thinking that the Feds woke up and took happy pills or anything. For any exclusions to the DMCA, you have to prove a "substantial adverse effect on noninfringing uses."

So: what do you think about digital copyright and fair use? Is it too limiting or does it protect the right folks? We want to know what you're going to tell the U.S. Copyright Office, especially about DTV. Look at it this way: we won't press charges so you can use your real name in our comments!


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