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Nokia's not so hot on the N-Gage now?

Ryan Block, @ryan
N-Gage small

Oh N-Gage, we know you get enough hate from the crew up in here, but today's really your unlucky day. We're going to hold our tongues out of respect, but you know it's harsh when your biggest cheerleaders — the freaking peeps who brought you to life — are even dogging on you. The money quote came from Anssi Vanjoki, head of Nokia's Multimedia division: "I am not happy. I said we needed to sell six million in three years, and we sold one-third of that. We need to make some changes." Ouch. But no, those changes won't necessarily include a timely death of the device, merely expanding the list of devices capable of playing N-Gage games to the rest of the Nokia N series (something we've been expecting anyway). Gizmondo, you listening? Taking notes?

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