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E-TEN M600 smartphone reviewed

Marc Perton

eten m600We caught sight of the E-TEN M600 a few months back, and haven't heard a lot about it since then. But that doesn't mean it's gone, and now that it's out, Sweden's Sphone has reviewed it — and even translated their review into English, too. Overall, they liked the M600, finding it to be a capable Windows Mobile smartphone, with solid WiFi and Bluetooth implementations and good bundled software (including Skype support). Of course, most of the specs are similar to those of the M500, including the 64MB RAM, 2.8-inch display, full-size SD slot, 1.3 megapixel camera and 400 MHz processor. So, if you already have an M500 (not too likely if you're in the US, of course), you'll have to decide whether or not the addition of WiFi makes this a worthy upgrade.

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