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PSP TV adapter kit reviewed

Marc Perton


Sure, we all know what the last P in PSP stands for, but that doesn't mean you don't occasionally want to kick back and enjoy a game or flick on a big screen in the living room. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't provide an easy way to do it. And neither do the makers of various PSP-to-TV adapters. If you really want to connect your PSP to a TV, you're going to need to open it up and do a little surgery (at least until promised no-mod versions start showing up). In case you're not sure what that entails, or need a dose of cold reality before popping the case, Lik Sang has a hands-on review of a PSP adapter, complete with lots of pics. And, yes, we know Lik Sang is a retailer, so you should know that they have something of a vested interest in getting you to buy one of these. But we're pleased to see that they've added caveats about how using this will void your warranty, and doing it poorly will trash your PSP.

[Thanks, BolshiBlue]

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