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Sharp's new 10 megapixel CCD for consumer cameras


Sharp 8 megapixel CCD camera sensorThe level of consumer misinformation in the megapixel realm is pretty ridiculous already, there's just very little reason for using an 8 megapixel CCD to capture the level of image data coming through those cheap consumer optics, along with a scarcity of light available to each pixel in such a small CCD sensor. Wait, excuse us, did we say 8 megapixels? We meant to say 10. That's right, megapixel excess moves onward and upward as Sharp has unveiled a new 10 megapixel CCD for consumer cameras. The linked article has some good analysis as to why exactly we're seeing this "progress" in resolution, along with this little tidbit: Sharp's new CCD has 38 square millimeters for sensors, while a full-frame camera like the Canon 1DS Mark II rocks nearly 864 square millimeters of CCD real estate.

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