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Will burning software give Blu-ray the edge over HD-DVD?


As much attention has been given to the wavering of various Hollywood studios and PC manufacturers, a noticeable trend is developing among the makers  of various CD/DVD burning software makers.

They are by and large supporting Blu-ray.

As I mentioned earlier about the makers of Ashampoo, HD-DVD enthusiasts may have quite a time burning disc's without the software to do it, and now it is Cyberlink announcing their Power2Go suite will support Blu-ray, no mention of HD-DVD.

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The only software I've heard mention support for HD-DVD is Ulead's InterVideo. Nero, Roxio, and now Cyberlink are all Blu-ray only, at least for the time being. A lot of early adopters are people who look forward to being able to back up their video in high definition on next generation DVD's or any other kind of data for that matter. If their software of choice only works on one kind of disc, why would they even look at the other?

Now I may be completely off, as none of us have the media much less any drives to record with, and the time till any of the above are affordable is quite a way off. But as loudly as the HD-DVD group is shouting "HD-DVD is Real", could that be trumped by "Blu-ray Ready"?

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