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HD Beat Poll: Planning to buy an Xbox 360?

Kevin C. Tofel

All of the HD game trailers and stories about the Xbox 360's Windows Media Center Extender has me wondering how many of our readers are planning an Xbox 360 purchase. You've got two ways to benefit: high-def gaming and streaming HD content from a WMCE PC. If you download some Quicktime HD or WMV-HD videos, you could watch those as well; hmmm....maybe HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have a legitimate competitor?

Anyway, with 17 days before the official U.S. launch of the console, we thought we'd ask you HD Beat readers what your plans are. Hey, what can we tell you; we're just a nosy bunch! After you register your vote, go and check Joystiq's Xbox 360 coverage for additional info on the console.


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