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New Intel-based PowerBooks and iBooks by April or May of next year?

Peter Rojas
Apple Intel Inside

Is Apple going to bust out new Intel-based PowerBooks and iBooks even sooner than expected? Jobs confirmed a couple of months ago that they'd have the first Intel Macs out by June of 2006, but now AppleInsider is reporting that we could see 'em in stores a few months earlier than expected. They're careful not to get too specific, but they say that several reliable sources have told them that Apple is working on a new 15-inch PowerBook that would be about 20- to 25-percent thinner thans the current model and will sport a built-in iSight video camera (the 17-inch model will have the camera, too). They're also reporting that Apple will finally roll out that new widescreen iBook we've been hearing about for months now, and that it'll be a completely new model with a 13-inch widescreen LCD.

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