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Webcomic Roundup: October 30 - November 5, 2005

Ross Miller

Ever wonder what Mega Man would look like dressed like Mario? Neither did we, but now that we know we are better for it. There is plenty more to learn this week, from love to Game Boy, so without further ado, here are best game-related comics for the week:

  • Tim Buckley at Ctrl+Alt+Del gives his take on the Sony's reasoning for no central internet service.

  • Christopher C. Livingston's Concerned churns out a tearjerker as two cops at gunpoint confess their undying love to one another.

  • Flintlocke puts his dwarf on auto-run while grabbing a "sammich" and never comes back. Enjoy the adventures of the auto-run dwarf.

  • Bob and George throw a Halloween party, and everyone seems disgruntled by their costume choices.

  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal showcases a tender moment between a husband and a wife, courtesy of Game Boy.

  • PVP Online takes a stab at websites who sell game-related t-shirts (themselves, included). The shirt featured in the comic seems eerily related to this entry.

Because we cannot get enough Shadow of the Colossus humor, here is another satire on the magnificent new PS2 title, courtesy of (yet again, this week), Ctrl+Alt+Del.

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