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Belkin's RazorVision HDMI/DVI cables with built in video-processors

Evan Blass
belkin razorvision cables

Accessories such as cables provide retailers with huge profit margins, usually above 50%, which is why salespeople always try to "enhance your home theater experience" by tacking a $100 Monster component cable onto your purchase of a $75 DVD player (for more unscrupulous sales conduct, please see "the cheese"). Up until now we've had neither the proper equipment nor the motivation to test the effectiveness of these high-priced cables—that is, until Belkin announced their new RazorVision HDMI and DVI cables with built-in, adjustable video processors, which let you view side-by-side, on-screen comparisons of an enhanced versus a non-enhanced picture. Belkin claims that these new cables in their Pure|AV line are the first on the market with these included video-enhancement processors (first used in medical, industrial, and military applications), which supposedly clean up any type of digital signal. If you were expecting high prices for these lil' wonders, you were right: 8-feet will set you back $250 while 16-feet of enhancing-goodness costs an even $300.

[Via HD Beat]

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