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The Washington Post doesn't think Front Row's all that

Ryan Block, @ryan
Front Row

As with any first generation (Apple) product, there are certainly kinks to be worked out, and apparently Front Row is no exception according to Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post. We're not sure we agree with some of the assertions made (XP MCE hasn't gone "nowhere in the market," we understand it's sold over four million units and counting), but some of the gripes had we can understand: not scrolling cut off on-screen text, for example, would drive us crazy in about ten seconds. And we don't think it's unfair to fault Apple for only bundling Front Row with the new iMac (even though it can be easily hacked for any other Mac). Still, it's pretty easy for both us and they to see this isn't a program that's intended to be a full-fledged Media Center competitor — yet — but is really more of a toe-dip into the waters of the media-centric PC. Exactly where they go next has yet to be seen, but if nothing else we can hope for (and expect) some serious refinements in future versions.

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