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TiVo and Yahoo! get cozy with one another

Ryan Block, @ryan
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We're not sure how this is going to make the crew over at Google feel (or AOL, for that matter, who've had the same feature integration for years), but it looks like TiVo's found yet another new squeeze in Yahoo!. This isn't quite the Google Video-to-TiVo experience we'd all been hoping for, but you can now program your TiVo's schedule via the Yahoo! TV interface (what, TiVo Central Online isn't good enough anymore?), as well as get four new Y! HME apps for weather, traffic, and photo streaming. Not bad, but we can't help wondering whether all these features are really what TiVo needs to stay afloat, and not, say, a solid change in business plan (or direction). Man, are we ever starting to sound like a broken record — then again, so are many of these minor partner deals of TiVo's.

[Thanks, Dave and Mike]

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