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Electronic House Expo: Brillian

Matt Burns

So if anyone is around Anaheim, California this weekend, you might want to stop in to the Anaheim Convention Center and Marriott Hotel for the Electronic House Expo. This way you will be able to see, in person, a Brillian 65-inch 1080p LCoS [pdf link]. Watch for it at Syntax booth #818.

Here at HD Beat, we have seen bunches of TVs, but we've never seen any of Brillians LCoS sets. There has been a lot of good buzz around them but still no sightings in our neck of the woods. If you happen to be at the Expo, take us some pictures and let us know what you think of it. Or…if you happen to have some plane tickets lying around from Detroit to LA, I'll take the pictures for you and still you give the credit. Deal?


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